Go Daddy gets patent for SEO and search engine submission

Patent covers method and systems for SEO suggestions and search engine submission.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent (pdf) to Go Daddy for “method for improving a web site’s ranking with search engines”.

U.S. patent number 8,271,488 describes a system for helping web site owners edit their web pages for better search results and then automatically submitting the sites to multiple search engines.

If some of this seems outdated, that’s because the patent application was filed in 2003.

The images in the patent show Go Daddy’s former search engine product called Traffic Blazer. The company now offers a product called search engine visibility that has similar functions.

The patent describes a method where a web site owner wants to rank for certain keywords in a search engine. The system makes suggestions to the site owner on how to edit his or her web site to rank better for these keywords, such as add the word to the title tag. It then automatically submits the sites to multiple search engines.

In another embodiment, the system would automatically edit the customer’s web page for better search engine rankings.

A number of businesses still offer search engine submission services, even though the importance of submitting a site for inclusion in search engines has decreased over the past decade. Automatically analyzing web sites and making suggestions for better search rankings is still popular, although much of the attention has shifted from what’s on the web site to external factors like who’s linking to it.


  1. Rob says

    how about a patent for sneezing, has anyone done that yet? you’d make a killing for sure.

    they’ve gotta start clamping down on trivial “procedural” type patents which are just a money grab and time wasting. what happened to real smart people inventing real novel “technologies”?

  2. steve says

    godaddy and the stupid patents they get.
    Don’t they know this crap was practiced well before their patent file date.
    Pre existing source will kill them in court

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