Some big names make domain purchases

Fortune 500 Yum! Brands among this week’s domain buyers.

This week’s end user sales list is a little shorter than usual, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there were fewer end user buys last week. I generate this list by looking through bulk whois records, and some weeks more sales pop out as end user buys than others.

Here’s an interesting one. CeeJay Software Limited says it offers data backup service called CrashPlan PROe. So it bought for $1,200. But this doesn’t appear to be the same company that’s behind the popular service, codefortytwosoftware. (You know, the company that forgot to renew its domain name and then blamed GoDaddy when its site went down as a result). (Sedo)

An Austin entrepreneur who helps people come up with color schemes for their homes dropped the hyphen in her domain name, getting for $2,388 (Afternic).

Another hyphen dropper: dropped the hyphen for $1,256 (Afternic).

Enterprise information management software company OpenText bought for $2,500 (Afternic).

BayCare Health System in Florida bought for $2,988. This is not the group’s first foray into the domain aftermarket. (The company doesn’t own, though.) (Afternic)

Another healthcare company acquisition: Temple University Health System Inc bought for $2,600. They already own (Afternic)

Aramco Services Company, a subsidiary of energy giant Saudi Aramco, bought for $1,395 (Afternic).

I’m not sure about this one… The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota bought for $1,795 (Afternic).

Fortune 500 company Yum! Brands, Inc. (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) bought for $1,477 (Afternic).

Gift Card Impressions, LLC bought for $2,588 (Afternic) sold to staffing company Cabildo Staffing for $9,000. (Private deal).


  1. Don says

    Health names are really picking up in price.
    We have seen a very high inquiry rate for exchange and health names in the past 3 months.

    Buying a .org name for a profit company does not make sense. Only non-profit need to apply.

    Insane not to buy the .com for flordiahealth, oh well. All that traffic will go to someone for free I guess.


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