Have ccTLD questions? Just ask Alex

Get answers to your toughest country code domain questions.

Alex Schwertner OpenSRSSome country code domain names are fairly easy to register. Most of them aren’t.

Frankly, figuring out how to register some of the more obscure ccTLDs could take a Ph.D.

But now there’s a free resource for all of your ccTLD questions: Ask Alex.

It’s a new section on Tucows’ OpenSRS web site where company employee Alex Schwertner answers all of your questions about ccTLDs.

Residency requirements? What forms do I need to fax? What documents do I need to provide? You get the idea.

Tucows bolstered its ccTLD registration options when it acquired EPAG last year. Schwertner was an EPAG employee who now works for Tucows.

Ask Alex is a free resource and anyone can ask questions, whether you intend to register your domains through OpenSRS or another registrar.


  1. JP says

    From the headline I thought you were referring to Alex who is good at noticing domains similar to yours to try and sell you, perhaps even offering to sell you one of your own domains.

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