GEICO wins domain name dispute

Insurance company wins control of domain name that leaves off the ‘o’.

A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has awarded the four letter domain name to insurance giant GEICO.

The owner of the domain name did not respond to the complaint.

Although could certainly be used for a number of legitimate purposes, the recent history of the domain name shows that it generally has been used to take advantage of its similarity to the insurance company’s name.

Currently when you type in it forwards to

Earlier this year it forwarded to lead generation pages for car insurance.

It’s not clear when the current owner obtained the domain name as the whois record has been protected by whois privacy for much of the past couple years.


  1. says

    I love seeing wins where typosquatters walk away with nothing. Here’s a few more geico typosqatters: (exploiting proximity of ‘l’ to ‘.’) (exploiting proximity of ‘l’ to ‘o’) (exploiting proximity of ‘t’ to ‘g’) (exploting order) (exploting order)

    the list goes on and on..

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