19 smart end user domain buys from the past week

From governments to app developers, here are 19 end users that bought domain names over the past week.

I’ve nineteen end user sales on the list this week. Enjoy.


Direct response marketing company Ontel Products Corporation bought SoundSleepers.com for $2,088. I don’t see the product on its products page, so maybe it’s a new one.

Another business I never thought of: Bar Codes Talk, which lets you create bar codes for your products and instantly print them. They just paid $2,388 for ProductFeed.com.

Deer Park, New York company Vehicle Tracking Solutions bought VehicleTracking.com for $14,000. It owns the abbreviated VTSN.com.

The Arizona Department of Transportation bought FocusonDriving.com for $1,250. It’s a good domain for a public awareness campaign.

Investment giant Janus bought ProceedwithCaution.com for $1,500.

Ashtel Dental, which sells from pretty cool dental stuff, bought SingingToothbrush.com for $1,500.

The owner of CarsforSale.com bought DealerBroker.com for $3,388.

The company behind Larson Financial Group, a financial advisory firm for for physicians, bought DisabilityDoctor.com for its Disability Doctor, LLC company. Price tag: $1,287.

Singapore strategic brand consultancy BrandHub bought YourPersonalBrand.com for $2,088.

Check this one out: Intelligent Environments owns the killer domain name IE.com. But it didn’t have its full name as a domain until now. It just bought IntelligentEnvironments.com for $1,227.

KMC Software, maker of Unrabble hiring software, bought JobDreaming.com for $2,777.


Tracker Network, a UK seller of vehicle tracking systems, bought MyTracker.co.uk for 890 GBP. It already owns Tracker.co.uk.

London’s SoHo House Group Ltd, which appears to be some sort of private club, bought SoHome.co.uk for 5,000 GBP.

Education platform Blackboard bought MyMosaic.com for a solid $10,000. Any ideas what this is for?

Online security company Comodo bought WebInspector.com for just $1,150.

Mobile application company nVentive paid $995 for ModernMobile.com.

Appigo, Inc creator of the Todo task manager app and software, bought TodoPro.com for $3,500.

The Impossible Project, a very interesting photography outfit, bought Impossible.me for $4,000. Its web site is The-Impossible-Project.com. (It also owns the non-hyphenated version, but not ImpossibleProject.com.)

Flavor and fragrance ingredient manufacturer Vigon International bought Vigon.com for 1,888 EUR.


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