Domain Name Wire’s posting frequency

It’s been fairly steady since 2008.

Occasionally I’ll run into someone at a conference who says “I’ve noticed you don’t post nearly as much ever since you started doing work for” or something to that effect.

I’ve kind of brushed these comments off because I feet like I post just as much as I used to. But after the third person said that I decided I’d just run the numbers to see if I was right.

Behold, the numbers…

Here’s my monthly posting frequency since the blog started:

Post frequency

As you can see, my posting frequency has been fairly level since early 2008. That’s when I stopped working on another startup and went full time in the domain name business. Prior to that I’d do about a post a day in my spare time.

I can’t find any patterns to show a drop in posts in the past couple years.

In looking at these numbers I noticed that there’s a decent variation between months. Some months are about 80 posts whereas others are over 100. A couple factors seem to be at play. One is simply how much interesting domain names comes out during the month. The other is if there’s a conference. When I attend a domain name conference (or do other travel) it’s hard to keep up with posts.


  1. Alan says

    According to the Domain Blogs 2012 infographic
    shown on HybridDomainer last week you are 2nd in the most posts section with almost 3 posts a day.You should check it out.

  2. says

    The impression of whether one posts a lot or less is created by the overall surrounding “white noise”. There are more bloggers posting and a lot of readers follow news aggregators, versus individual blogs. That being said, it’s indeed hard to maintain a full time job and the role of a domainer.

  3. RK says

    Your posting frequency is ok but quality of your posts has gone way down.

    Please don’t take it in a negative way I still read your blog.

    Before joining you used to write long investigative posts and you were not afraid of stepping on other people’s toes while exposing the wrongs and doing the right thing.

    Now a days, your posts are short and quick and also you hesitate to say something to offend anyone. Case in point, some times you have gone out of your way to praise/help others such as epik when you said people whose doamins got banned/deindexed by google will may end up getting $5000 worth portals from epik.

    That kind of stuff makes bloggers lose credibility when companies don’t deliver.

    Just my honest opinion.

    I wish you bring back your investigative posts. I loved those.

    • says

      @ RK – I appreciate your feedback even if it’s critical.

      I think your perception might have to do with the Epik issue directly affecting you. Without getting into the Epik case specifically, I can assure you that plenty of people think my posts step on their toes. I know this because of all of the hate mail I get :) Certainly that’s the case with much of the lawsuit stuff I write about. Although the information is “out there” for people to get, many of the parties would prefer that it not come to light.

  4. adam says

    Maybe it’s the type of posts that they want and aren’t seeing ? You’ve definitely added more content type (udrp insight and info on domain buys)

    Outside of the gtld news bomb though, there generally isn’t much activity is there ? There’s also enough people covering the press releases and sales reports.

    You’ve done a fine job of keeping a flow of info and keeping it interesting. Hard work to do with a full-time gig. props

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