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  • X Factor 2 spoiler? Show registers domain names of some contestants

    1. BY - Aug 10, 2012
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    Names of some X Factor 2 contestants are registered.

    X Factor 2A number of personal names were recently registered by brand protection company DNStinations/Mark Monitor. It took me a while to figure out what they were up to. But it appears all of the names are those of X Factor 2 contestants.

    I’ve never watched the show before, but it appears the second season (for the U.S.) is ready to kick off on TV this fall. I’m not sure why the show’s producers selected these particular names to register, but perhaps a fan can chime in here and say if this gives away any of the upcoming results.

    Regardless, registering these names was a really smart move for the show’s producers. How many times did we see an American Idol contestant’s domain get registered as they rose to stardom on the show?

    Here are the registered names:

    Ally Brook:
    Arin ray:
    Austin Corini:
    Beatrice Miller:
    Bianca Barnes:,
    Brandon Hassan:
    Camila Cabello:
    Carli Manchaca:
    Carli Rayne:,,
    Cece Frey:
    Celbi Manchaca:,
    Celbi Rheygan:
    Cirby Manchaca:
    Daryl Black:
    Dave Correy:,
    Diamond White:
    Dinah Jane:,
    Drew Chadwick:
    Eli Brown:,,
    Empires Nallies:
    James Tanner:,
    Jason Brock:
    Jemelle Joseph:
    Jennel Garcia:,
    John Maxwell:,
    Josh Metzler:
    Julien Joseph:
    Keaton Stromberg:
    Lauren Jauregui:
    Nick Youngerman:
    Normani Hamilton:
    Owen Stuard:
    Paige Thomas:
    Reed Deming:
    Tara Simon:
    Tate Stephens:
    Vino Alan:
    Wesley Stromgberg:,
    Willie Jones:

    I’m sure there are other variations of these names; these are just the ones I picked up.

  • If the show hasn’t started yet, then these are spoilers, yes. If it follows the same format as the UK version, you don’t normally find out the names of the finalists for several weeks.

    (It’s a guilty pleasure)

  • but now the million dollar question…

    are they going to hand over ALL of these domains to their rightful owners or are they going to keep some/all of them or try to make some kind of “deal” to hand them over?

    my gut feeling is that all will not go well here. as a contestant i would be peeved that the producers didn’t tell ME to spend $10 to register it defensively.

    maybe we might see a UDRP or two out of this in future. and since they were clearly registered “for” them i would think (hope) that they would win easily too.

  • A cautionary tale to aspiring “stars”: REGISTER YOUR BIRTH NAME…AND ALL ALIASES YOU MAY USE.

    It’s just smart business.

  • so these are the contestants soon to be websites?

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