Vikings’ Adrian Peterson fights for

NFL running back chases domain name.

[Update: Adrian Peterson lost, mostly because his lawyer screwed up.]

A domain name arbitration case for has been filed with National Arbitration Forum.

Although National Arbitration Forum doesn’t publish the name of the complainant until a dispute is decided, you can bet the case was filed by Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson.

Historical screenshots of the page show that it used to resolve to some sort of player/fan page for Peterson. It also used to be a parked page. As of today the domain name doesn’t resolve.

The domain name is registered to a Gainsville, Florida man.

I’m not sure why Peterson just now decided to go after the domain, although he recently found himself in some hot water.

This isn’t the first time Peterson has filed a UDRP. Hopefully this time he will ask for the domain to be transferred rather than canceled.


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