Review: DomainTools Android app

Whois at your thumbtips.

DomainTools androidIt’s been a couple years since DomainTools released its iPhone app. I guess DomainTools prefers to cater to the Apple fanboy crowd rather than the Android hipster crowd.

Alas, my need for quick whois data can now be satiated: DomainTools released an Android app yesterday.

The free app makes it easy to look up whois records. Of course, there are plenty of fast ways to do that. The magic is in the extra details: DomainTools’ registrant and IP data, domain screenshots, etc.

You should think of the app as a springboard to DomainTools’ mobile optimized site. If you want to view any of the juicy details, such as whois history, the app launches your mobile browser and brings you to, where you need to login to see the goodies. (Once you login you can go straight to the data on subsequent lookups.) But if you just need fast whois lookup and a screenshot or two, the app alone will suffice.

The app is fairly straightforward and works fine. My only complaint is that it takes a good five seconds for the app to load past the splash screen.

Oh, and that it took two frickin’ years to get the app on my Droid.


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    Domain Tools did not get permission from my registrar to collect that data and redistribute it via an app. I assume they stripped off the warning banner but if you do whois on you will see something to make make up for that.

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