20 end user domain sales from the past week

Fox Broadcasting Company among end user buyers this past week.

Here’s Domain Name Wire’s weekly wrap of end user domain name purchases from Afternic and Sedo.


Fox Broadcasting Company bought MidnightBlack.com for $3,588. Any ideas what it’s for?

The owner of IrishCityTours.com bought eatplaystay.com for $1,350. This is a great domain and I see variations on this “slogan” from time to time. The only challenge is remembering the word order.

Machines resale company Machinery Resources International Inc. bought MachineToolFinance.com for $1,000.

Trusted.com has a unique business and a great domain. It helps consumers verify that what they’re buying is authentic and issues an “eTitle” for it. It bought TrustedSeller.com for $2,250.

BayCare Health System bought the name of one of its hospitals, StAnthonys.org, for $6,386.30.

Contractor lead generation company Service Magic bought RemodelAdvisor.com for $1,000 and HomeAnswers.com for $5,000.

BSE Recycle Works LLC bought GreenMachine.net for $3,388. It doesn’t own GreenMachine.com, and I suspect the .com would cost quite a bit more.

Another recycling company, Specialist Waste Recycling, bought WasteCutter.com for $1,088.

Owner of CrystalWater.net and .info bought CrystalWater.org for $1,419. CrystalWater.com is owned by Crystal Springs water company.

Clothing company Salsa, owner of Salsa.pt, bought SalsaKids.com for $3,288.

The Schumacher Group of Delaware bought PatientRecovery.com for $1,995.

A guy named Chris Kortge bought his last name Kortge.com for $1,788. I’ve tried to buy my last name a number of times, but it’s going to cost me more than I want to pay.

Growth Equities paid $3,388 for TheWealthFoundation.com


Email infrastructure company SendGrid already owns SendGrid.com, but it expanded its German presence with SendGrid.de for 2,900 EUR.

I knew this name was familiar, but I’m not sure if the companies are related. Columbia Bank in Tacoma, Washington bought CBMO.com for $2,000. This follows the same pattern as Columbia Bank in New Jersey, which paid $3,500 for CBNJ.com back in April. I don’t quite understand the acronym for this new domain acquisition, though.

The owner of development company RailsFactory.com bought PHPFactory.com for 1,000 EUR.

Mathews Nichols Group, which owns Mathews-Nichols.com, bought MNG.co, its acronym, for 990 EUR.

Relationship Analytics Corp. bought RelationshipManager.com for $1,299.

Cattail Bancshares, Inc bought NorthlandBank.com for $1,495.

The owner of CityRoofing.net smartly upgraded to CityRoofing.com for $1,285.


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