NYC condo board of directors fails to take down gripe site

Resident set up site to complain about board of directors.

From what I’ve heard, the boards of directors of many New York condos and co-ops would make for great reality show fodder.

Here’s just one example: The board of directors of Towers on the Park Condominium filed a UDRP against a resident who registered and used it to criticize the board.

The resident, Paul Adao, created a web site to complain about various activities of the board of directors. The board wasn’t pleased and filed the UDRP at World Intellectual Property Organization to try to get the domain.

Adao was victorious — not only at WIPO, but apparently he helped get most of the board members booted in the next election as well. Even Adao won a spot on the board.

The one person WIPO panel ruled that Adao had rights or legitimate interests in the domain name and that there was no evidence of bad faith in his registration.

The panelist didn’t consider reverse domain name hijacking, but there’s at least one part of the case that screams of bad faith. The board of directors claimed that Adao was “merely a temporary owner who lives in the Condominium.”

Adao has lived there since 1997.

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