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  • Kohls loses UDRP over four letter domain name

    1. BY - Jul 19, 2012
    2. Policy & Law
    3. 8 Comments was registered three years before

    Retailer has lost a UDRP dispute for the domain name, which it claimed was a typo of its domain name

    The respondent, Fox Business Systems / KansasNet, said it registered the domain name as an acronym for “Kansas Online Systems” and had intended to develop it. It hired a number of developers over the years but none of them completed the project. One of those developers parked the domain while working on it, which resulted in a parked page for about a year in the domain’s long history.

    But it’s the domain’s history that I think is interesting here. The registrant registered the domain name in 1995. That was three years before Kohls got around to registering So Kohl’s argument that the respondent registered the domain for typosquatting to take advantage of mistyped traffic to rings hollow. After all, if you wanted to snag Kohl’s traffic wouldn’t you just register instead?

    The panelist found that the respondent had rights or legitimate interests in the domain.

    Kohls was represented by typosquatting recovery firm CitizenHawk.