Google’s Legalize Love campaign has a domain name issue

Logical domain names for campaign forward to a decidedly edgy web site.

Google has made quite a splash with its “Legalize Love” campaign announced during the Global LGBT Workplace Summit over the weekend.

The first thing I did when I heard news of its new campaign was to go to to find more information.

And that’s where the problem begins.

Google doesn’t own the domain names and A Google spokesperson confirmed to Domain Name Wire that it has no affiliation with the site the domain forwards to,

As the name suggests, FCKH8 takes a bit edgier approach to getting its message across than Google does (and their goals aren’t necessarily the same).

FCKH8 was created by non-profit media campaigner Luke Montgomery. Given his edgy approach, he has this “disclaimer” on the site:

NOTE: We are supporting the work of various groups but they DID NOT create or endorse our F-word-filled sometimes offensive videos or site in any way & often have asked not to be listed :)

DomainTools historical records show that Montgomery bought the domain name earlier this year and registered in March.

With Google going big on its campaign, including a Legalise Love conference, I think it will regret not controlling these domain names.


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