Apple demands domain name

Apple files complaint over domain name.

New iPad[Update: the registrant of has turned the domain over to Apple.] Apple didn’t name its third generation iPad the “iPad 3”, but that hasn’t stopped most people from calling it that anyway.

The company doesn’t own the domain name, but that might change soon. The company has asked an arbitration panel to transfer the domain name to it.

Apple filed a case with World Intellectual Property Organization under the uniform domain name dispute resolution policy (UDRP). was registered in January 2010 and is currently owned by a company called Global Access in Isle of Man. Global Access is no stranger to cybersquatting complaints, having lost challenges by big companies such as AllState, AOL, an MasterCard.

The domain name is currently parked. Its traffic is rotated to various domain parking services with

Apple may have a number of future iPad domain fights on its hands: just about every domain up to at least has already been registered.

Oh, and Apple still doesn’t own But the owner of that domain isn’t cybersquatting, so it would have to pay a pretty penny if it wants the domain.


  1. Alan says

    You have to wonder why domain squatters just
    don’t hand it over instead of making these companies go through the process.

  2. says

    Why? Apple doesn’t make the iPad 3. They make the iPad…

    Uh, because the registrant registered the domain name with the iPad in mind that time? What else could it be for?

  3. says

    I’d have to agree the longer someone holds on to the domain the more money they make. Specially if they get paid redirects. 2-10cents adds up quickly.

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