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  • What domains Major League Baseball and NBC bought last week

    1. BY - Jun 25, 2012
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    MLB, NBC, and 14 other end users recently purchased.

    I just got back from vacation in San Francisco. Since I only have one whitelisted IP address to hit Go Daddy’s servers for whois request (and that would be at my office), I’m a bit late on last week’s end user list.

    Notable on this week’s list: MLB picked up a domain for $1,500 and NBC Universal got one for only $1,000.


    First Rate, which provides investment results reporting solutions, bought for $2,700.

    Metro Traffic School of Miami, Florida picked up for $3,000.

    Bug Juice Brands Inc., owner of, bought for $8,088.

    Sunless, Inc., seller of tanning salon equipment, bought for $24,500. It already owns

    OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. bought for $1,788.

    PetPeople, Inc. bought the .net version of its .com,, for $1,588.

    The owner of bought for $2,500. A no-brainer at that price.

    Roto Group, LLC, which creates first-hand experiences for museums and entertainment venues, paid $2,988 for It already owns

    Online kitchen store Cutlery and More bought for $2,000

    The owner of upgraded to for $1,000.

    NBC Universal paid $1,000 for

    Pennsylvania‘s state government bought for $4,000.

    JAKOTA Cruise Systems GmbH upgraded from the hyphenated domains to for $1,870. That must have been an easy decision for the company.


    Digital Basement LLC, which owns, bought for $1,500. Any SnorgTees fans know what this is for?

    Major League Baseball bought for $1,500.

    Professional Body Supply SRL picked up for $2,000. It already owns

  • Can’t imagine what MLB sees in: BASETIME.COM
    New show on the network?

    Good sale on SUNLESS.COM. Right price…perfect one word descriptor.

  • for $1500 is the cost of box seats, and some hot dogs, worth the gamble, some end users are getting some great pricing deals.

  • Would be interesting if you could contact the previous owners of and to see the middleman and emails that were sent making an offer to buy those domains so cheaply.

  • Ms Domainer says:

    June 25, 2012 at 4:46 pm


    Gov. Corbett ought to be cyberspanked for allowing the state to buy a domain when he has forced public school districts into instituting deep cuts., indeed; with the way public education is going in Pennsylvania, high school graduates will be too ignorant to use this “jobs” portal.

    Corbett is a friend of big oil (they donated $1 million to his campaign) and fracking, which is known to be detrimental to water tables.

    Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

    I hope he’s a one-term governor, but never underestimate the stupidity of rank-and-file Pennsylvania Republicans, who always seem to vote against their own self interests.


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