Microsoft’s Generation App: F’ it, it blows (so say domain names)

Microsoft registers dirty names related to its new Generation App.

Microsoft is releasing its Generation App (Or Gen App), which is a suite of tools to help you build an app for Microsoft platforms within 30 days.

The web sites for the initiative are and

The company isn’t taking any chances, snatching up lots of typos of including and These two and many other domains are registered in Microsoft’s name.

But Microsoft turned to brand protection company Mark Monitor to help it register all of the negative domain names someone could think of to blast the initiative. Here’s a list of domains Microsoft registered via Mark Monitor and its DNStination subsidiary rather than its own credentials:

(and yes, the @ is really ‘u’.)


  1. says

    Of course they don’t own or any other extension or any of these:

    Obviously they are preparing for GenApp to be a huge failure like many other Microsoft products before it.

    Still waiting for Ballmer to F in “destroy” Google as he said a few years back.

    Now Microsoft will be launching a tablet. Just too funny.

  2. says

    Meh I would do the same in their position whether I had faith in my product or not. Microsoft takes alot of flak for anything they release so it only makes sense to take some precautionary measures.

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