Go Daddy hires ad agency as it changes its image

Company taps Deutsch to shift its image and advertising.

For the first time since 2005, Go Daddy has hired an outside ad agency to manage its advertising.

The company will formally announce tomorrow that it hired the New York office of ad agency Deutsch Inc.

Deutsch’s first public work for the company will be its ads during the Olympics on NBC.

Go Daddy and Deutsch plan to shift the company’s ads away from just good looking woman and more to what the company actually offers. (You may be surprised to find out that Go Daddy doesn’t actually sell hot women. But if it did, I’m sure the shopping cart would still offer you many cross-sells.)

The company got on the map with its TV ads that pushed the limits, including one that was pulled by the broadcaster. It produced early Super Bowl ads with The Ad Store, which it fired in 2005.


  1. Rob says

    probably a good move by godaddy coz i know many people who don’t like their ads, me included. “sex sells” is good if it’s done tastefully, but they are tacky and nasty and haven’t been done right.

  2. says

    Well their whole emphasis on girls in their advertising seems to make big assumptions about their customers – they could do a lot better now that Parsons has got on his bike and gone away.

  3. says

    Yet it has worked so well in such a short amount of time sky rocketing them past the competition.

    ^Haters..? Yup, I think so

  4. jennifer says

    I am a female godaddy customer with several domains.

    Over the years I have registered domains with other companies simply because when I am on a godaddy page I feel cheap and trashy. They have a good service/pruduct but a very silly image.

    I picture a bunch of guys (the owners) using the business for their own personal lives- tickets to nascar etc, rather than serving their customers.

    good move- they should go more design, high-tech look, high touch feel

  5. MC Canada says

    Note also that GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons started a firestorm a few months ago with a video of him proudly standing beside an elephant he had killed on safari. Good judgment seems to be in short supply at GoDaddy. A PR firm cannot make that go away.

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