New TLD Battle: .Eco vs. .Green

TLDH hedges its bets with .green bid.

On May 7 I tweeted:

The answer is “yes”.

Top Level Domain Holdings, one of the companies embroiled in a battle over .eco, has applied for .green. It could merely be a calculated bet by TLDH given the potential for a hold up on .eco. .Eco has long been contested, has a trademark fight, and is now in court.

I don’t know with certainty that this is an attempt to “hold off” the most visible .green applicant, DotGreen Community, Inc. It could instead by a decision to go after a less contested domain. But .green will clearly compete with .eco, and I don’t see both winning.

DotGreen Community has been around since 2007 and has already spent a lot of money promoting its domain. But if it thinks it has created a “community” and will be the presumptive winner of a .green bid, they should probably think again. Remember, TLDH has former ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush on its team. I also suspect others may apply for .green.

Frankly, I think .green is a better name than .eco. If I were TLDH and facing a battle over .eco, I’d just go for .green anyway.


  1. John UK says

    My betting is that a LOT of these new tld’s will be subject to litigation by trade mark holders as the words are common and often trade marked for uses in relation to internet, computers etc etc etc . Say that the owner of .green sells domain Now someone with eco green or ecogreen or eco-green etc could sue the registrant and/or possibly the registry I guess .That is where these tld’s may come unstuck.

  2. says

    I agree with you Andrew, .green feels like a superior name in this case. So I would also expect more competition for this name space. I’ll be watching this one closely and cannot wait to see how it pans out!

    • says

      @ Tom Gilles –

      I think competition started with .eco because it’s three letters. It’s convenient. And perhaps it means more than “green”.

      But I don’t know what was in the minds of all of those applicants…

  3. domain guy says

    interesting read. I have both green and eco .coms. I get traffic on all the green.coms but none on the eco.coms

    .eco has 3 letters has which is important.
    green and eco are exploding and i hope to stay on top of the industry with my .coms however with these new tlds rolling out i am ambiguous.

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