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  • What domains Taco Bell,, Enterprise, and others bought this week

    1. BY - May 30, 2012
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    Big companies make domain name purchases.

    This past week has been a great one for end user sales. I’ve identified 23 end user sales (there are of course more, but these are the ones that stuck out). There are big name brands in this report, so read on…


    McGraw-Hill Companies bought for $2,500. The name of a new publication?

    Raw TV Ltd, which owns, bought for GBP 15,000

    Enterprise Holdings, Inc., which owns the large car rental company Enterprise Rent-A-Car, bought for $5,000. The company recently applied for a trademark for “epops” for “providing a web-based, on-line research community allowing users to share opinions in the fields of vehicle rental, vehicle leasing, vehicle sales, vehicle fleet management and business.” bought for $5,000

    Austin based lead generation company Click Interactive bought for $1,399

    North Georgia College and State University bought for $1,000. Perhaps it means University of North Georgia?


    Knox Photography bought for $1,000. It currently uses as its domain.

    Heartland Food Products, Inc. paid $3,108 for It may be for this mashed potato system.

    The Boston catering company that owns bought for $2,299.

    Telecommunications company Cause Based Commerce Inc. bought for $5,000.

    DropCloud, a service that lets you send large files via the web, bought for $1,888.

    IT company Stratus Technologies picked up for $1,200.

    Contract research organization Cambridge Biolabs paid $2,030 for

    Romance Writers of America, which is “dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy”, bought for $1,000.

    Delaware garage door company Clark and Sons, which owns, bought the shorter domain for $3,750.

    Partners HealthCare system bought for $1,688.

    Here’s one close to home. Round Rock, a city north of Austin and home to Dell, bought the clever domain name for $1,750.

    Mumbai restaurant Cream Centre bought for $1,800.

    First Step Finance LTD went global, buying for $1,500. It owns A no brainer purchase at that price.

    The Haddock Family Foundation of Winter Park, Florida bought for $2,397.

    Ad TelAmerica, Inc. of Texas bought for $1,200.

    California fitness studio Body Therapies bought for $1,095.

    Taco Bell bought for $1,200. It has launched a new menu called Cantina Bell that features fresher items.

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