Hipsters.com for sale: Afternic teams up with SnapNames for auction and .Me kicks off at Sedo

Where are my black framed glasses?

SnapNames just started its “Summer Kick-Off Auction“, run in conjunction with Afternic.

Although most of the domains in the auction are owned by Afternic or an affiliate company, some of the domains appear to be owned by the company’s larger clients.

Compared to recent auction lists, this one looks to be a winner. My personal favorite: Hipsters.com for under $10,000. That’s a great domain.

Ambitious.com $10k-$25k
Authorization.com $10k-$25k
Delicacies.com $5k – $10k
FilmCareers.com $1,001-$2,500
Haggler.com $10k – $25k
Hikers.com $10k – $25k
Hipsters.com $5k – $10k

Over at Sedo, the company just started its .me auction. It features 188 .me domains, all with reserves under $500. So far the top bid is $1,100 for Air.me.

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