As .eco applicants squabble, .green may be the big winner

Legal challenges could result in .eco delays.

The new top level domain application window hasn’t even closed, but possible applicants for .eco have already been fighting for years.

Now three potential applicants are tied up court, as explained in this cancellation proceeding at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

This may provide an opening for .green. Personally, I think .green is a better choice than .eco to begin with. And, if the most vocal .green applicant is the only one to apply (I have no idea if that’s the case), the fighting amongst .eco applicants may give it a head start.

When it comes to new top level domains, .eco and .green are a pretty pure form of competition. Although each applicant may have unique aspects to their business model, they’ll be fighting to grab the “green” mindshare.

This one will be interesting to watch…

(Thanks Tom Gilles)


  1. mesh14 says

    someone might argue that .eco and .green may be put into a contention set anyway, since their business models and target groups are pretty close.

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