Thursday is deadline to comment on VeriSign .com renewal

Time running out to comment on .com contract.

Thursday, April 26 is the last day to comment to ICANN about its proposed contract renewal with VeriSign.

The terms of the agreement are very similar to ICANN’s last .com contract. It allows VeriSign to raise the wholesale price of .com domains by 7% for four of the six years in the contract. That means the wholesale price of .com domains could hit $10.29 by 2016. That doesn’t include ICANN’s per-domain tax.

You can read details and comment here.

Only five people have commented so far. I suspect that’s because they realize that ICANN’s not going to do anything to upset the applecart.

The only chance of this contract extension not going forward as designed is if the National Telecommunications and Information Administration puts a stake in the ground.


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