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  • Andrew there’s no article about Kevin Ham writing
    Can you look in to that? “More recently he wrote about .co “

  • Pretty even-handed story about Mike. The commenters on the other hand…responded like a “torch and pitchfork” lynch mob.They can’t seem to grasp that the free market extends to domains too.

  • @ Rich – referring to Paul Sloan writing about .co, not Kevin Ham writing about .co.

  • I got it!

  • Wow he got creamed in the comments. Funny thing, the very thing domainers hold dear is what the general populace sees as illegal or immoral, the right to trade good names. The flip side of the contrived scarcity model we peddle.

  • Paul Sloan says:

    April 21, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Andrew, thanks for the mention. I just looked and was actually impressed at how civil the comments are, considering the way many people react toward domainers.

    Sure, some comments are mean, but there’s a real discussion.


  • @Andrew – heh, that’s to be expected anyway. Everything’s got its share of haters and defenders, after all.

  • Thanks for another good article, Paul.

    Nice to see that you continue to “hunt bear” in the wild west that is the domain industry.

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