Fascinating: top domain prefixes and suffixes

Oh My, a lot of people use these words to get online.

Lean Domain Search has analyzed the top prefixes and suffixes to domain names.

Using a methodology that covered over 50 million domain names, the site compiled a list of the top 5,000 prefixes and suffixes.

Here are the top five prefixes:

1. My
2. The
3. Web
4. Go
5. Super

And the top five suffixes:

1. Online
2. Web
3. Media
4. World
5. Net

I’m sure you’d come up different ones using a different methodology, but My and Online sound right. Online is the most common word in domain names sold on Go Daddy Auctions.

Lean Domain Search adds these prefixes and suffixes to keywords to generate available domain names.


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    I’ve spoken to Matt Mazur of LeanDomainSearch before. He’s a very smart guy running a very smart and popular service, especially among startup founders. You just need to follow his comments and posts on Hacker News to see that he really understands domains

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    A lot of people don’t like the prefix “The” but it seems ok with the correct domain, i have TheCheapestPlan.Com and i think it works well …..says what it is

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