ICANN’s new TLD application snafu: best stories and tweets from around the web

What the web is saying about the ICANN TAS applicant security problem.

ICANN has spent quite a bit on PR to get the word out about new top level domains. So it also got quite a bit of attention when it admitted last week that there was a serious security problem with its online application system.

Here’s what the web was saying about the misstep:

Best headline:

“.Oops”: Glitch forces extension for new suffixes (Associated Press)

Best tweets:

Berryhillj twitter

Courtesy of @BerryhillJ.

Best opportunistic agenda pushing:

Is the New Top-Level Domains “Technical Issue” a Harbinger of Future gTLD Issues?

Courtesy of Mark Monitor.

Best one word parenthetical jab:

“The organization has also confirmed that it is still targeting April 30 for the Big Reveal day, when it publishes (deliberately) the gTLDs being applied for and the names of the applicants.”

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  1. John Berryhill says

    …and there is no certainty that any user actually saw a file name containing a TLD string in the first place.

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