to sell on Sedo, a 100x return in two weeks

A smart domain registration — from $10 to at least $1,000 in two weeks.

ICANN plans to use “digital archery” to determine in which batch new top level domain applications are included.

One savvy domainer seized on the opportunity and registered on March 31.

Just another sucker hand registering a domain that will never sell?

Hardly. has a $1,000 bid at Sedo. The auction closes tomorrow.

A 100x return in just two weeks sounds pretty good.

The seller’s listing reads:

“Digital Archery is the evolution of gaming/lottery on the Internet. The beginning of a craze that will sweep the web. The revolution of “skilled lottery” starts here. Digital Archery.”

Who would pay $1,000 for a such a domain? One candidate is, which recently announced a digital archery service for the new TLD launch.

It charges $25,000 if it manages to get you into the top batch and $10,000 if it gets you into the top 50% of batches. So spending $1,000 to potentially snag a few extra customers would be well worth it.


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    Im the “lucky” domain investor that bought Ill take the $1,000 for the name with a 10,000% return in 2 weeks. I agree not a bad return. However, I am reminded of a quote by none other than Rick Schwartz from around 10 years ago: (Im paraphrasing) “What is a domain name worth if it brings in $25,000 per click?” In this case either $1,000 or more. Mr. Schwartz’s premise is being put to the test (finally:-). As far as the luck goes…Ive been investing in domain names for over 12 years now and have bought and sold a few thousand names. So not all luck.

    Duane Higgins, ceo
    Domain Ventures

    Duane Higgins

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    Thanks for the support. The way the auction went down, there was some serious strategizing going on (around 25 bids in the last 15 minutes) . Ill be interested to see if this name sells for much, much more later on. If it does, congratulations to the new owners. Thats all part of the game. Im taking my 4G and investing in some new names.

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