MediaSet has no one to blame but itself for domain name woes

Italian broadcaster’s comedy of errors for

Italy’s largest broadcaster, MediaSet, recently lost a UDRP case for the domain name

But the company apparently got a court in Rome to overrule the UDRP decision. The court apparently ordered the domain transferred and that a fine be paid each day until it’s transferred.

I don’t know how MediaSet expects the court to enforce this. The domain is registered to a Delaware man at a register in Florida and the .com registry is in Virginia. Good luck with that.

It gets better.

MediaSet used to own It accidentally let the domain name expire, at which point the Delaware man bought the domain in an expired domain auction on SnapNames last year.

OK, that sort of thing happens from time to time.

But guess how MediaSet got in the first place? Through UDRP.

That’s right. This year’s UDRP for was the second time the company has taken the domain to UDRP.

Back in 2008 it got control of the domain from a Chinese company.

Let’s recap this order of events: MediaSet finally goes after in 2008 by filing a UDRP. It wins. In subsequently forgets to renew the domain. So it goes back to UDRP to try to get it again. It fails. Then it goes to a court in Rome to try to get that overturned.

Seems like MediaSet dropped the ball several times here.


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    If the complainant ever solicited the respondent, then maybe balk at the respondent’s price if any, their costs and those imposed by the court might even reach that respondent’s price. They might as well have bought the domain instead, heh.

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