Go Daddy gets patent for “Tools for redirecting to a book website”

Go Daddy gets another patent.

Go Daddy Operating Company, LLC has been granted U.S. patent number 8,156,180 for “Tools for redirecting to a book website”.

I wrote about this patent application when it was published last year.

It describes a number of methods that someone could be redirected to a web site specific to a book, such as entering the ISBN for the book.

Go Daddy’s interest in the idea is that it could sell more domain names and services to authors. An author might be notified of multiple domain names to register, including the book’s ISBN, the book name with alternate top level domain names, and perhaps his or her own name in .me to create a biography web site.

Upon registering the domains, the author or publisher may be notified that it appears these domain names are related to a book, and offering to forward the domain names to the associated book web site.

A concurrently filed application, 625892 for “Redirecting to a Book Web Site”, has not yet been granted.

GoDaddy’s current CEO, Warren Adelman, is listed as the inventor.

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