Frank Schilling sold to Marquis Jet founder for $50k, later $500k offer

Marquis Jet founder bought domain for new investment firm, later shuns $500k offer.

Owen Frager and Elliot Silver recently discovered that Marquis Jet was somehow related to the buyer of, a domain Frank Schilling sold last year.

Now we know the exact relationship.

Marquis Jet founder Kenny Dichter bought the domain name for a new investment firm he’s part of, Wheels Up Partners, LLC, he told CNBC in an interview today.

Purchase price? $50,000 according to Dichter.

But it gets more interesting. Dichter says the company was then offered $500,000 by a national shipping company for the domain name. It turned down the offer.

You mean even Frank Schilling can leave a little money on the table every once in a while?

(Hat tip: DNW reader John Picchietti)

Go to about 4:27 in the video below.


  1. says

    I’ll second that – wow!

    …don’t know what else to say. A domain is worth what the buyer is willing to pay …and the seller willing to accept …and the timing of their needs when they both meet.

  2. Mark says

    Juices, Planes, and Domains, oh my. I would never trust what someone who is wearing 2 gold watches (at 3:52) is saying.

  3. Oop See says

    Frank left a few schillings laying on the table. In my mind if you are going to ask 50k for wheels up you may as well as for 500k. I mean the name is so bad that it’s almost worthless so why not really shoot for the moon. Looks like frank may be getting soft lol

  4. Josh says

    If this is true and he turned down $500k for the domain alone I would hate to have this guy be a financial anything for me. It never ceases to amaze me how somewhat respectable looking people who handle large sums of money think the rest of us are stupid.

    And imo Frank didn’t leave a cent on the table, in fact he got $49,990 more than it was worth to start with.

  5. IMHO says

    I know him and your assessment of the 2 watches, his finacial acumen and his desire for attention are dead on. He flew the jet company into the dirt where it was bought to avoid bankruptcy. He’s a street vendor t-shirt salesman BS artist dressed up in a suit.

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