Bankrate buys

Company acquires another insurance lead gen site

Bankrate has added to its stable of lead gen web sites with great domain names by acquiring

The news was reported today by Columbus Business First.

The sales price was not disclosed, although we may see it in an upcoming BankRate SEC filing. helps people find exactly what you’d think it would — local insurance agents. It also has quote comparison tools.

I think the Columbus Business First story summarizes how the domain name was important to the site’s success: works by drawing insurance shoppers to its intuitively named website, where consumers can either find a local agent or get price quotes from multiple insurers to compare and contrast coverages, price and service.

Intuitively named? You bet.

Other “intuitively named” sites BankRate has acquired include and


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    According to (I know its not always a great source) in Dec there were around 100,000 visits to this site, then two months later its getting 1.4 million. Wow, 14x increase in 60 days. I wonder how they generated that increase.

    You can make a lot of money with 1.4 million visitors per month on an insurance site.

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