“Really cool” guys at Digimedia sold Box.com for about $1 million

Box.com sold for about $1 million.

Last year file sharing service Box.net bought the Box.com domain name from Scott Day at Digimedia. The purchase price was not disclosed.

But now it has — just shy of a million bucks.

CNET writer Rafe Needleman discussed the domain name with Box CEO Aaron Levie. The net-net: the company bought the domain for between $900,000 and $999,000.

About the negotiations with Digimedia, Levie said the Digimedia guys were “really cool”. (Those may be just Needleman’s words.)

The article also suggests that Levie was prepared to spend more for the domain if he had to.

Watermelon farmer Scott Day founded Digimedia. He got into the domain business with the purchase of Watermelons.com. He story is detailed in The Domain Game by David Kesmodel.

(Note: just saw that Jamie wrote a follow up with the sales price on Friday.)


  1. Stephen says

    Really cool, because they reached a deal to sell. If DigiMedia didn’t want to sell like many other domainers, in Levie’s mind, they would be assholes

  2. says

    Considering how fast Box had been expanding, they’re lucky they got off only paying under a million for it. I’m sure they’ll probably make that back in months with the type-in traffic gained from it that was looking for their business.

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