Tucows stock is on a tear

Stock up over 40% in past month.

Shares of Tucows (TCX) have been on a tear over the past month.

After trading in a fairly narrow band since August, shares have popped 41% since February 16.

Shares opened February 16 at $.76 and closed at $.88. The stock had another nice pop on March 13, when shares jumped from $.95 to $1.05.

Tucows owns the OpenSRS domain reseller platform, retail domain registrar Hover, a large domain portfolio, and software download and computer information sites.

The company has aggressively used its cash flow from operations to buy back shares. Last Friday it announced it was recommencing its $10 million share buyback program.

Tucows isn’t returning all of its cash flow to investors in the form of share buybacks, though. It is also expanding its product lines including entering the U.S. mobile phone market with Ting.

As one of only a few publicly traded domain registrars, it will be interesting to watch what happens with Tucows next year as new top level domains are rolled out.


  1. Skeptic says

    Seems like company and it’s executives are trying to buy back as much equity as possible. They bought back about $10Mil $0.75 Feb 2012)
    After a couple of months (March 2012) stock is $1.35 and going up…
    Now, They are offering another “buy back” program.
    With the new TING offeing- why would anyone want to sell? Can somebody explain this to me???

  2. Olaf Stiermayer says

    The reason they are buying is probabaly – as always – expaectations. And as to your question: nobody indeed wants to sell – this is why the price keeps going up….
    We have an old saying in Sweden: “you need to hold the elk in its horns or else it becomes a cow”- as I see it- some people consider TCX as a cow in an Elk skin (elk meat is a lot more expensive here). Forget it- Nordic Humour….

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