What are your top 3 domain names?

Here are the three in my portfolio that I like the most.

Causal acquaintances often ask me what my “best” domain is. It’s a tough question. I’m sure if you looked at my portfolio you’d come up with different domains than I would. That said, here are the three from my portfolio that I’d probably ask the most money to part with.

ExecutivePay.com/net/org – mainstream talk about executive pay peaked in the years after the economic meltdown. But executive pay has always been a major area of human resources consulting. There are also publications, such as Wall Street Journal, that have entire sections devoted to the topic of executive pay. I think this domain would be great for a consulting company or a publication.

AuctionBlock.com – I love this domain. It’s such a common business term — a very common term of an entire business category — and there are hundreds of potential buyers. It would be great for an online auction service, an auction house directory, a real estate auction business, or even a business or private equity publication.

iInk.com – You may be perplexed by my choice of this four letter domain as a top domain. I like this domain because of the rapid move to eBooks and electronic media, tablets, etc. The only thing I don’t like is the double i at the beginning. I may be irrational, but this is one I wouldn’t let go cheap.

I’m going to cheat a little bit since this is my blog, and list a couple others I like. One is Lakeway.com, which I created a directory site for. Lakeway is a booming suburb of Austin on Lake Travis. There’s a new $250 million hospital and literally thousands of high end homes being built in the coming years. A lot of people moving to Austin or within Austin target this community specifically; it would be a smart buy for a builder. I also like my PatentTroll.com and PatentTrolls.com domain names. The commercial use is somewhat of a stretch (maybe an IP defense law firm?), but given all the talk of patent trolls in the media these are on my “favorites” list.

So, what are your three favorite domains in your portfolio?


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    My 3 favorite domains are:

    smartcloudsolutions.com – Obviously due to the surge in cloud computing and also IBM’s new SmartCloud Solutions.

    socialmillionaire.com – I’m not sure why, but I love it.

    dittys.com – I’m a big music fan and I’ve held on to this for awhile now.

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    A couple of my favorites… without dashes of course.



    I estimate you are going to get a lot of comments. Everyone likes to show off=)

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    Our three most valuable are student.com, student.net, and springbreak.net. But my favorite one is pileofwank.com. One of the great things about the internet is that it has introduced me to some British slang. And as soon as I heard a British guy refer to something disdainfully as a “pile of wank,” I just had to see if the domain was available and grab it.

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    Here are the top 3 in my portfolio.

    1. Gybes.com – 5 letter dictionary word domain whose letters could be an acronym for a search evaluation service or similar service. G (Google) Y (Yahoo) B (Bing) E (Evaluation/Exact/Estimated etc.) and S (Search/Service/Stats etc.)

    2. BlouseForWomen.com – Common Search Phase. Ideal for a online/offline business or boutique. It would be a good name for the retail outlets as well to drive online sales.

    3. PurpleSunglasses.com – Popular Search Phase. Excellent name to get a piece of a very profitable online market: Sunglasses.

    There you have it. This question made me think.

  5. Anthony says

    Just got back from The Oasis Resto.

    Not much of a lake, Lake Dry Travis or No Lake Travis, and the city change it name to Dryway.com

    It is sad to see….

    The lake is down 40 feet and 58 feet down 3 years ago last time we were there.

    Ask Ex Pres Bush and any GOP member NO SUCH thing as Global Warming, it is natural…..

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    My most recent favorite purchases have been:

    AllSportsPass.com (created 2001)- Common term among College/Universities promoting to students one sport pass/ticket for all sport venues;

    DollarSupplies.com (created 2001)- Great keywords for people seeking dollar deals – hey, we all need supplies…; and,

    SmartCardRewards.com (created 2000) – Thinking of monitizing this one….Maybe consider BankAds.com.

  7. Jason Davis says

    Hi Andrew,

    My 3 that I like the best are

    1. VideoJobs. com
    2. Slouch. com
    3. SemiconductorJobs. com

    I get offers on VideoJobs all of the time but I can’t come to terms with selling it unless the number is right.

  8. says




    But simply banking on individual names isn’t where I place my bets. Instead, I like to build niche portfolios – and dominate 70%-80% of the space(s). So I own 260 ‘Sentiment’ (dot-coms), 130 ‘Graphene’ (dot-coms), and 230 ‘Hologram’ (dot-coms).

    In addition, I hold smaller portfolios covering ‘Proximity’ (mobile dating), ‘Elk Creek’ (rare earth minerals) and ‘Free’.

  9. says

    – Coater.com (great industrial 1-worder)

    – iBrandNames.com (generally speaking, I don’t like brandables and suffix names, unless they make sense and I believe the ‘i’ for ‘Internet’ here makes a lot)

    – BosniaAndHerzegovina.org (exact match country name, there are only 200-ish of them)

  10. says

    You got some nice ones there Andrew.

    My favorite 3 like you not saying they are the ones that would sell for the most.

    Nerfy.com I own a lot of 5 letter pronounceable names this one has an urban dictionary entry Nerdy + Goofy

    BareBeauty.com which works as a clothing,beauty products or spa name imo.

    14tv.com the rareness factor that all NN and LL tv.com just rare and non available for years.

  11. says

    @ Andrew, You have some nice domains. I remember Comptroller.com. I like Lakeway – good job, developing it!

    iInk is a great domain! For one thing, because of ereaders, and the other thing is:: eink is growing it seems exponentially like thin film and smart substrates, as a means to lay down circuits.

  12. Bryan G says

    I try to avoid repeating letters. It ruins some otherwise great two word or three word domains. Since iInk is only four letters it’s not that bad.

  13. JamesD says

    3 that I really like are;


    and a recent auction purchase which I’m going to be the end user for;


    Most of my names are generic product or service names which are great, but pretty sterile in comparison imo.

  14. says



    I had to include the granddaddy of the surname portfolio, although it is hard to include a .net

  15. Louise says

    Recently registered an “i” domain – my first!

    My domains aren’t good compared to many here, but I always approached domaining from a developer, and bring value to my domains as I develop them with unique content. Lots of premium domains listed here!

    I am in love with iMultiscreen.com! Multi screen and tv Everywhere is taking off!

    QRReader.org is also developed and valuable.
    EmergingDomains.com is premium.

  16. qalalar says

    An IDN: АуаРайы.com (Ауа Райы is Kazakh for “weather”). Ranks number one for that phrase on Google. Not as valuable as “weather” in English or Russian, but those were already taken.

  17. Gus says

    animation.net (I never really worked out what to do with this one)

    AustralianGovernmentBonds.com (sure it’s 3 words, but ranks high with Google and makes good adsense money)

    and then some ccTLDs on the same keyword theme: tablets.com.au .jp and .sg, and tablet.mx

  18. Steve says

    — those iPods, iPhones & iPads need to recharge somewhere…

    Reclosables.com | Resealables.com
    — for Ziplock-bag or Tupperware-type products

    — probably my strongest non .com domain

  19. S.W. says

    That’s a great name Rich, best of luck on the auction!

    Been noticing an uptick in premium names on Flippa, it appears better.com has reached 75K after about ten days or so.

  20. Contrarian says

    Glad you didn’t ask for your worst three domains although the list may have been eerily similar

    Emerging domains a premium?????
    2012allstar? Hmmm guessing 2013 is available if you want to run with this niche
    Dollar supplies registered since 2001. If that’s the best you could get in 2001 you misses the boat
    Anyways some really lousy best domains here

  21. says

    My 3 Favorites Domains are the following (with some explanations)

    1) Tortillas.com
    (Tortillas have surpassed surpassed bagels and muffins to come only second in place to sliced bread in the “packaged bread” category in the U.S. and are becoming more and more popular around the world!)

    2) DinosaurFossils.com
    (Dinosaur Fossils have and will continue to be a fascination for kids, adults and scientists alike!)

    3) CustomSurfboards.com
    (I was born and raised in SoCal and surfed during part of my teens and early 20’s and continue to find it an very unique and exiting sport – even though I don’t take the time to go out in the water any more and brave nature’s beautiful and sometimes dangerous waves!)

    Thanks for letting me share!

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