Facebook complains about developer domain

Company asks for FacebookDeveloper.com domain to be transferred to it.

Facebook has filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum about the domain name FacebookDeveloper.com.

The domain name was registered back in August 2006, so it’s interesting that Facebook waited until now to file a complaint in an effort to get the domain. However, the domain’s ownership did just change hands — transferring from “Jeeves Media Group” in the Netherlands to “macausite” in Macau.

The titlebar on the web site says “Facebook Application Development”, but the web site isn’t built out. It’s just a simple WordPress theme with a Google Adsense ad.

Facebook’s official web site for developers building on top of the platform is developers.facebook.com.

Facebook has filed complaints with National Arbitration Forum only once before, when it successfully won the transfer of FacebookLive.com. It has previously won similar cases filed with World Intellectual Property Organization and Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre.


  1. says

    The domain sold not that long ago in an expired domain auction at GoDaddy Auctions if I can remember correctly.

    Pretty interesting that FB clearly isn’t watching the expired domain market, as it would be cheaper and likely quicker to just buy the ones they want/need in the expired domain auctions. I’d have to dig some data to find the price it sold for but I am pretty sure I remember seeing it on expired auction.

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