Co-CEO shakeup at Domeyer is CEO, Morrow out

Company settles on a CEO.

That didn’t last long.’s co-CEO arrangement with Debra Domeyer and Scott Morrow is over. Domeyer has been promoted to (sole) CEO and Morrow is leaving the company.’s co-president and then co-ceo set up had many people scratching their heads. The only times I’ve seen a co-CEO situation is when two companies merge, and one CEO ends up leaving soon thereafter. In other cases it shows that the company can’t make decisions.

During DOMAINFest, when bloggers asked the pair about the interesting set up, the two said it was not meant to be a short term arrangement and that it was going fine.

In stepping in to the CEO role, Domeyer will relinquish her role at Chief Technology Officer.

Most domainers would have been interfacing with Domeyer anyway, as she was heading up the monetization side of the business. General reaction I heard during DOMAINfest about Domeyer was positive.


  1. Meyer says

    It is logical that this would happen.
    There is lees to manage.

    Apparently, the co-management was decided and announced in January.

    And unfortunately, they decided a few weeks later to spin off the snapnames/moniker part of the business. I assume the spinoff had to be at least 50% of Oversee’s business.

    Something had to give.

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