An easy way to register domains for $2 each

How to register domains for $2.00 at big name registrars.

I know a lot of readers are always on the lookout for domain coupons and special offers.

So I’m going to tell you a way to register domain names for as little as $2 each.

And I’m not suggesting using some no-name registrar. We’re talking GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and

What’s the magic trick? Just Google “domain name”.


Registrars know that people who search for “domain name” are likely to be new domain registrant who haven’t found a favorite registrar yet. So they’re willing to take a loss to get your business.

You’ll see offers like this:

Not bad. I even saw a Google ad for offering domains for $2.00. It appears that Network Solutions is split testing its offer; sometimes when I search it’s $2.50 and others it’s $2.95.

The catch? Well, there’s a limit of three domains per person on each of these offers. Other than that there’s not a catch. The domain registrars want a typical customer who will end up paying them for whois privacy, web hosting, etc., and then renew at full price in a year.

But you’re not a typical customer. So you can take advantage of it.


  1. Duane says

    It would be great if you would post a link to the offers ( specialy Godaddy), because the ads you mention are only targeted inside the U.S. and you have readers from arround the world.

  2. says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some registrars start limiting this to new customers pretty soon. Not only do they lose on registry costs, the average CPC for “domain names” is not cheap.

    While I can see how it would benefit them to spend/lose up front to gain new customers, it seems to me that domainers are a low profit margin demographic, and I don’t see how registrars benefit by allowing us to take advantage of these deals.

  3. Jeroen says

    The Godaddy ads also show up in Europe.
    2,49€ .COM Domain Sale – 1,49€ Web Hosting – 9,99€ SSL Certificates

  4. says

    YEAH!! I just TRANSFERRED 3 names to GoDaddy for 9-YEAR registration at £1.95 p.y.! Just saved me £100+ (obviously worked for me here in the UK, Duane). So long as I don’t change my mind on these 3 anytime soon ;->

    Also saved £££’s from using your recommended last month.

    Great site, thanks! Please, plenty more tips. Only criticism, IMO, is far too much boring UDRP stuff.

  5. Duane says


    I dont know where you are in Europe but, the only thing popping up here is

    6,49€ .COM Domain Sale – 1,49€ Web Hosting – 9,99€ SSL Certificates

  6. Jeroen says


    Try another Google ccTLD. I just noticed at least one that’s also displaying the 6,49€ .COM.

    The ones I posted were displayed at

  7. Trico says

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if some registrars start limiting this to new customers pretty soon.”


    The offer does state that it is
    “valid for new customers only”.

    But you can probably just create another account if you already have one.

  8. James says Sucks and is a Scam…Stay away from them because I lost a keyword rich domain name from these scam artists.

    I called customer service and spoke with managers at Register and said it was my responsibility to remember to renew domain name.

    I did not receive Any or not 1 renewal courtesy reminder notice in my email to renew my domain. Also their renewal fee for domain is somewhere around 30 dollars which is a joke.

    Be careful with some of these domain registers who advertise 1.99 but the renewal fee is ridiculously outrageous.

    Stay away from because they SUCK big time.

  9. Louise says

    @ Mike Flynn, Glad to see your top notch domain is not under privacy at Godaddy.

    Keep a close watch, if you intend to keep your domains there! Registrars are not all the same, in fact, there are vast differences between them, in particular, to put it politely, their approach to business practices and ethics (i.e. their reliability as a de facto bank for your domain and IP property). Many Registrars have “issues” when it comes to customer relations, fees, security, and domain IP and ownership. It takes a lot of effort to choose a Registrar! It should be a long term decision.

    It’s your business. I see you have a nice website. Take screen shot of your Whosis; make sure it is up to date – no digit falling off the end of your phone number, etc. Godaddy can use almost any excuse to block your domain.

  10. says

    @ Andrew Allemann, Just that no-one’s ever come after any of my domains (I’ve 400 or so now, had 600+) except the odd scammer/spammer. If anyone actually tries to steal one of my names at least I’ll no where I stand since I read your site as part of my morning routine.

    @ Louise, Thanks for your comments. Regarding GoDaddy, I’ve never encountered better customer service from any other company US or UK, domains or otherwise. Honest! I have tried several since 2001, including Registerfly who tried all sorts of tricks with me, they really did Suck, but never left GoDaddy and it’s affiliates, Webmaster7, Koredomains, Websitespot, LuckyRegister transferring backwards and forwards each year. (Most) registrars in UK are safe and sound but UI’s are quite poor, often lacking decent bulk/transfer/etc systems. But you’re quite right, there’s always another cowboy over the hill there.

  11. Nuno says

    Mike Flynn, I run Webmaster7, thank you for being a customer. Very soon I’ll add my own website with some gifts (instead of just the usual reseller page).

    And yes, the $2.95 offer is so good that even I transferred 3 for many years…

  12. says

    Andrew, are you saying you can come into GD, NSol and others and take advantage of a low price “come on” that will enable me to register a domain name set at $2.95 a year for five or more years of registration AT THIS PRICE?

    If this is true, every domain investor should be driving their cars through walls to get to their computers to get their best domains registered at these prices.

    Let us know!

  13. says

    I have not yet bought a two dollar domain. When I try it ups the prices to $13 for privacy, which I do not need. In fact, I think privacy is a hazard. If I should pick a real cool name., I would want people to know who I am.

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