Government regulation is top issue facing domain market in 2012

21% of those surveyed think government regulation is biggest issue in domain market this year.

Domain investors think government regulation is the top issue facing the domain name market in 2012.

That’s according to 1,143 people who answered the question on the 7th annual Domain Name Wire survey.

21% said that government regulation is the biggest issue facing the market this year. I suspect the timing of SOPA had a lot to do with that.

While the overall economy came in second with 15% of the vote, new top level domains were just two votes behind in third place.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that new top level domains are the third biggest “fear”. It just means it’s an issue facing the market, good or bad.

Here’s the entire ranking:

1. Government regulation 21%
2. Overall economy 15%
3. New TLDs 15%
4. ICANN policy decisions 13%
5. Domain theft 12%
6. Anti-domainer interests (overreaching trademark interests, reverse domain hijackers) 9%
7. Changes in pay-per-click advertising market 8%
8. Registry wholesale price increase 7%
9. Other 2%

Note that two things domainers gripe about most are ranked at the end of the chart in terms of overall issues.

You can see more survey results here.


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