Abbott Laboratories gets defensive with domains for spin-off CEO

Company registers “sucks” domains and others for new pharma unit CEO Richard Gonzalez.

Abbott Laboratories is splitting into two this year, and Richard A. Gonzalez will be the CEO of its pharmaceuticals unit.

As a number of companies do for their senior leadership, Abbott is making sure you don’t register web addresses to tarnish Gonzalez’ name.

Yesterday the company registered at least two dozen domain names related to Gonzalez. Some are benign, such as, but others have greater potential for misuse, such as

It’s also protecting typos such as (with a zero instead of an ‘o’) and (missing the ‘h’).

The company used Mark Monitor’s DNStination entity to register the domains in secret. However, it registered the .us version of the names and you can’t use whois privacy on .us domains. The .us whois records clearly show that Abbott Laboratories is the registrant of the domains.


  1. domain guy says

    interesting corps getting ahead of the action and preregistering defensive domain names….this clearly indicates corps now value domain names and realize that a domain name can seriously “taint” a corps brand….
    sloooowly buy sureeely corps come drungly to the domain game…

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