Survey says GoDaddy is top domain registrar

GoDaddy dominant, especially with larger domain registrars.

1,164 people answered the question “Which domain registrar do you think is best overall” on the 7th annual Domain Name Wire survey.

But some of these survey takers responded to social media requests to vote for a particular registrar, skewing the results.

If you consider all respondents, here’s how the list shakes out:

1. GoDaddy 43%
2. NameSilo 35%
3. Dynadot 9%
4. Moniker 7%
5. Fabulous 6%

I suspect most people reading this blog haven’t heard of NameSilo and may wonder how it received so many votes. The company plugged the survey on Facebook. This shows, of course, that the company has a loyal customer base.

But it will also be helpful to look at the results if you only consider people who own 500 or more domains, as this is closer to the target audience of this blog. It also weeds out a lot of the responses due to companies asking people to vote.

411 people who own a portfolio of 500 or more domains answered this particular question.

The results are striking: It’s GoDaddy and then everybody else. Fully 75% of these larger portfolio holders say GoDaddy is best. The next three, Dynadot, Fabulous, and Moniker combine for 7% of the vote.

I can think of a number of reasons GoDaddy might be so dominant with larger domainers. One that I hear from a number of domainers is that they thrive on the company’s Premium Listings service. Whereas domainers used to get 80% of their revenue from parking and 20% from sales, they’re now doing 20% from parking and 80% from sales. Sales through GoDaddy are a key driver.


  1. Francois says

    It’s well known, rarely people blog, comment or say “I like” when they are happy with some service. Now they will not stop to complaint if for any reason they are not happy.
    So maybe the nexyt time ask “What is the worst registrar?” I am sure that you will get very accurate results on who are the best ones.

  2. says

    Who knows, some service providers might even offer coupons or other kinds of “gifts” to users in order to get them to vote. After all, it’s a big gain in visibility for an unknown company.

  3. Nicolas says

    The have more than 50% of the market on the US. To be fair, you should divide votes by number of domains in management as customers vote most of the time for their own registrar. Proposition from Francois is the good one and Godaddy will also be elected the worst one probably.

    • says

      @ Nicolas – true, yet presumably if you didn’t think your registrar was best then you’d use a different one.

      I do break it out like that on domain parking since people tend to try multiple parking co’s.

  4. confused says

    have to wonder why so popular when ceo poaches elephants and call all of you cybersquatters.

    looking up any name on the whois search. it tells this…

    ‘ NameMatch has found similar domain names related to your search. Registering multiple domain names may help protect your online brand against internet squatters who could try to buy up these names in the hopes of selling them to you at an inflated price’.

    so they show us recommendatons that you can buy in the cart but tell u it is from a squatter at inflated price. why r they selling squatter names then. confused.

  5. Francois says

    In fact Nicolas suggestion makes sense.
    Because you rarely use a service because you think it’s the best and I will say that in fact, it’s the inverse that happens.
    It’s because you use it you think it’s the best and recommend it.
    If you take attention you will notice that people always recommend the service they use. And if you look more carefully you will also notice these people maybe never used another service so they cannot even compare (or not enough to can have a fair/unbiased opinion), they are simply pleased with the one they are using and for this reason declare it’s the best. It’s in the human nature to react this way!
    In a side note, it’s also the reason because it’s so difficult to pick a member from competition 😉

    Regarding GoDaddy, numbers speak by themselves, you cannot have a so huge marketshare if your service is not part of the best ones. So consider this point when establishing a ranking should make sense.

  6. Mike says

    @Andrew Allemann: why wait until next year? Do the reverse “who is the worst” NOW. The results would be fascinating to all…

  7. Mike says

    @confused: you REALLY ARE confused…. Do you refer to the person who sold you the land your home sits on a ‘squatter’? Or how about that vacant lot on the busy highway that get sold to a developer for a premium so they can build a mall on it – a squatter too? You people are simply jealous and really, truly, you are one side-step away from those “occupy” whackos that think they’re entitled to everything and that no one, God forbid, should earn money.

  8. Paul says

    I hope Godaddy does not reply to inquries with stupid answers.Their “Support” should be real support,not “Unsupport”

  9. Gazi Cotak says is a great option also !
    they are a directi company , and bigrock is the second company which advertised on TV.

  10. Xrxdude1 says

    Due to Godaddy’s stupid credit card fraud system they blame me a credit card thieft for $3.99 domain sales. Now i am in a loop sending several documents. Each support staff asks for same documents and i cannot touch my domain settings that i need to do immediately. I have sent mü driving license as will, and if they do a simple Google search on my name they Will see who i am.

  11. says

    I would vote for NameSilo, godaddy charges unnecessary stupid private registration fees as well as renewal cost is high! Transferring from godaddy to namesilo now!

    For my .com domains renewal, godaddy sent mail today saying renewal fee is $14.99 + ICANN fees + private registration fess. However they are saying I would get 25% off, still it’s expensive than NameSilo’s renewal cost $8.99, since I will transfer so I would get at $8.39 including everything what gododdy gives us!

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