An outrageous UDRP case

Cases shouldn’t be heard if they’re this bad.

So this guy William (Bill) Robert Johnson forms a company called Aahara Enterprises Pty. He registers the domain on October 3, 2011 for his business.

But he also wants, and tries to buy it from the owner. The owner’s last name is Hara, and the owner’s sister is Asuka Hara (A. Hara). The owner registered the domain over a decade ago.

Negotiations to buy the domain don’t go to Johnson’s liking so he files a UDRP.

The domain owner obviously won this easy case. Johnson didn’t even get past the first element of the dispute.

Yet the domain owner still had to take the time to respond to the complaint. Even worse, panelist Michael A. Albert didn’t consider reverse domain name hijacking.

This was an easy case for Albert. He only had to write about the first of three prongs in UDRP. He should have taken the time to find that the case was brought in bad faith.

It reminds me of the case, although I’m conflicted on which complaint was worse.

The kicker: seems to be for sale right now for only GBP 1,500.


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