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    1. BY - Jan 26, 2012
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    Free service finds potential buyers for your domain names.

    Sure, you can sit on your domain portfolio and wait for the right buyer to come along. But you’ll sell a lot more domains if you actually try to sell them.

    The big challenge is finding qualified buyers for your domains.

    That’s a problem that is trying to solve.

    Just plug in a domain name and it searches for potential buyers of your domain name. For example, plug in and some of the leads returned are emails for and

    Most of the hits are for owners of similar domain names. However, the site also finds Twitter users that may be interested in your domains.

    Estibot offers a similar lead generation service, which finds owners of similar domains as well as advertisers bidding on the key term.

    Now before I recommend I want to discuss a big caveat: be careful about domain sales spam.

    It’s becoming a big problem. Some of it is misleading (especially regarding expired domains) while other is just annoying. The problem, as I see it, is when people use automated systems to email potential buyers of domain names. They don’t check the quality of the leads and send out what is essentially spam to dozens of unqualified leads.

    I’d also be careful about contacting someone on Twitter. I’ve received solicitations for domains before and usually report the user as spam.

    I’m all for proactive selling of domains. Just don’t take shortcuts.

  • Thank you Andrew for this information,it helps a lot.

  • You’re right, we can all expect to get a lot more unsolicited emails from people trying to sell us their domains that are similar, but usually worse, to ones we already own.

    • @ @Domains – I think that’s the key. If someone has the .com and you try to sell them the .net, I don’t like that. If they have .net and you try to sell them .com, you’re offering them something better.

      Likewise, if their domain is and you try to sell them, you’re selling them a better product.

  • It says one is limited to 5 inquiries per day. Who owns it – estibot? ZFBot seems to do a better job with a bit different results.

  • Jason Davis says:

    January 26, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Thanks Andrew for pointing this site out. Interesting results.

  • Domainer Extraordinaire says:

    January 26, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    My domain was so good it choked up their site and killed it.

  • Neat tool BUT they have issues, one search froze up, couldnt backspace etc.

  • Thank you everyone for checking out our Lead Generating Tool. Also thank you Andrew for posting this article.

    In regards to the speed of our tool, there is alot of data that it has to analyze to produce quality leads for you to contact. Estibot does this in 3-5 minutes, we are trying to show you leads even faster than that.

    But, thanks to your comments, we are reworking the display order so you can see the freshest leads quicker.

  • Thanks for this article Andrew.

    @Leadrefs – this is a great tool, though it doesn’t seem to work for ccTLD’s like Any plans to expand the offering?

    I did try it out on an Aussie Geo domain where I own both the .com and, and I was amazed at the number of search results thrown up by entering the .com. So thank you. :)

  • @Ned – Support for and other ccTLD’s are currently in the works. Check out our blog for more information in regards to this, as well as other features we plan to release.

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