Blackstone Group says it “sucks”

Blackstone group registers “sucks” domains for its name and its chairman.

Private equity giant Blackstone Group thinks it sucks.

That’s the only plausible explanation for seven recent domain name registrations by the company. (OK, so they were actually defensive domain registrations.)

Stephen Schwarzman is the co-founder and chairman of Blackstone Group.

Of course, Blackstone and many similar PE firms are getting some negative attention since the last financial meltdown and an outcry about favorable PE tax treatment.

Blackstone’s defensive domain name registrations remind me of action taken by Bank of America in 2010. The company registered hundreds of “sucks” domains for its executives and board members.

Update: I noticed Blackstone registered domains for one of its subsidiaries, Park Hill Group, as well. It registered and Also, they just registered the name of its vice chairman, and the typo


  1. domain guy says

    what you see here is corps starting to get domain are seeing a defensive registration here. do you know anything about the blackstone group? its where x politicans go..they have a multi billion dollar investment portfolio use their political connections for financial gain…take advantage of market conditions…if you ck out the blackstone group its a whos who of who..there is not one idiot involved with the blackstone can recogize everyone whos involved. the blackstone goup is the anti goldman saks

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