Righthaven.com sells for $3,300

Domain name used by “copyright troll” auctioned off for $3,300.

Righthaven.com, the domain name that once belonged to the scourge of the internet, has sold in a public auction at SnapNames for $3,300.

The domain name was sold to help cover a court ordered settlement against Righthaven by one of its many victims.

Righthaven purchased copyrights and then sued blogs and forums that had posted the copyrighted material, often demanding their domain name to be turned over as well. It earned the moniker of a “copyright troll” for its activities, invoking the patent troll name for non-practicing entities that file patent lawsuits.

The domain was bid up to $1,850 with 10 days to go, so I’m not sure if the final price is that spectacular. Righthaven owes at least $63,000.

The Righthaven.com domain name has a bit of a history, having been suspended for an invalid whois last year.

Any guesses as to who bought the domain name?


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