Top Domain Name Wire stories of December

From .xxx to Google to expired domains.

Last week I did my obligatory “top stories of 2011” post. But let’s not forget that there was a month of December, too. Here are the top stories on Domain Name Wire last month, ranked by page views.

1. It’s go-time for .xxx as commercials make a buzz – it should come as no surprise that .xxx is the top story (and more) of December as the registry opened up for general registration.

2. Where to find the cheapest .xxx domain pricing – these domains aren’t cheap, so choosing a less expensive registrar can mean saving $20 or more.

3. Google tweaks algorithm to kick parked domains out of its index – few parked domains have ranked high in Google’s index for several years, but they just got demoted again.

4. 55,367 .xxx domain names registered in first 24 hours – ICM Registry reported robust sales in the first 24 hours of general availability.

5. VeriSign releases DomainCountdown for expired domains – new tool (in beta) from VeriSign helps find the best expired domain names.

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