Bidding for domain up to $1,850 with 10 days to go

Domain already attracted attention with a long way to go.

[Update: domain appears to have sold for $3,300]. Domain auctions usually don’t attract much attention until the final hours. But bidding for the domain name, which is being auctioned off to help settle a legal judgement, is attracting quite a bit of attention.

The auction at SnapNames still has close to 10 days to go before it closes, yet it has already attracted nine different bidders and has been pushed up to $1,850.

The domain name belonged to “copyright troll” Righthaven, one of the most hated companies on the internet. I can imagine a lot of people would like to buy this domain name as a trophy, and the auction is certainly getting a lot of press. is currently in control of receiver Rimon, PC. They have smartly forwarded the domain name directly to the SnapNames auction page, so you can follow the action at


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