OpenSRS implements 100+ ccTLDs from EPAG acquisition

Tucows’ reseller network now has over 100 additional domains to choose from.

One of the key reasons Tucows bought domain name registrar EPAG back in August was to bolster its offering of country code domain names (ccTLD).

Today it announced the first phase of its integration of ccTLDs carried by EPAG, adding over 100 new ccTLDs to its OpenSRS reseller platform. It will add more next year.

A lot of registrars I talk to tell me they see an immediate registration lift when they add new ccTLDs but the one-by-one integration is a pain. Tucows has “bought” and easier way of integrating.

ccTLDs have a multitude of policies around expiration, residency, etc. OpenSRS has published a very helpful chart comparing each top level domain.

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