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  • No jury trial over incentive plan in Monte Cahn v.

    1. BY - Dec 22, 2011
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    Judge says waver to jury trial in employment agreement is valid.

    The case of Monte Cahn v., et al is scheduled to go to trial next month.

    Each side has listed witnesses they might want to bring to the stand, ranging from Jeff Kupietzky
    to Mike Berkens to NameDrive USA.

    But they won’t be arguing in front of a jury, at least for claims related to breach of contract of a management incentive plan.

    The judge in the case has ruled that a jury waver provision in Cahn’s employment agreement is valid and therefore the case will be argued in front of the court rather than a jury.

    A motion for summary judgment by to toss the breach of contract claim over the incentive plan is still pending.

    In other documents recently filed by, the company continues to claim that none of the goals outlined in the inventive plan were met. It also states that Oversee’s overall performance during the three-year period that covered the plan ranged from one-half to one-quarter of the expectations that prevailed when the plan was contemplated.

    Cahn disagrees with Oversee’s assessment, arguing he is owed money under the plan.

  • Domainer Extraordinaire says:

    December 23, 2011 at 11:44 am

    This means Monte loses. This judge has yet to side with Monte on anything.

  • Monte doesn’t have enough money? Another fat CEO
    Getting millions for nothing and a loss for the company?

  • Monte deserves it as much as Oversee deserve to bankrupt.
    Monte was scamming people for them thinking that they will let him stay and eat the pie.
    And they’ve f*cked him over just like he was f*cking over snapnames clients and affiliates for them.

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