RickPerry.com now forwards to RonPaul2012.com

Right wingers may end up on libertarian’s web site.

As if Rick Perry doesn’t have enough problems in his quest for the white house:

RickPerry.com has recently started forwarding to RonPaul2012.com.

Rick Perry’s official web site is RickPerry.org.

The sad thing for the Perry campaign is that Rick Perry could have easily acquired the .com version for little money. It expired in 2010. I even wrote about how it had expired. Someone from Perry’s office read my story about the expiration but failed to do anything about it.

Instead, someone from Mexico registered the domain name. It currently has a private whois record, but you can buy it for $50,000 at Sedo.

Don’t be surprised if the current owner has more fun with it.


  1. John says

    Can’t he file a UDRP and get the name?
    It’s being used within his industry and obviously is referring to him?

  2. domain guy says

    right as these yeahoos fail to realize the power of domains google hurts the world
    negative branding comes into play.These politicians and big biz will learn spending billions for tv advertising and fail at the most basic level.And considering the florida vote was lost by less than 300 votes…every vote counts…

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