Google real time analytics won’t kill ChartBeat and Woopra (Yet)

Google Analytics real time is nice feature but no replacement for dedicated services.

google analytics real timeRemember when people used to pay six figures to get web site analytics like what Google now offers for free? That shook up the industry.

Now Google’s real time analytics threatens to destroy a couple startups including ChartBeat and Woopra.

Google just rolled out real-time analytics to the masses and I played around with it a bit last week.

My conclusion: tt’s a nice addition to Google Analytics but it isn’t a replacement for Chartbeat or Woopra.

Woopra is my favorite real time analytics tool. I like how I can quickly see who’s on my site, where they came from, and what they’re doing.

Google’s real time has a great dashboard but doesn’t have the same visitor-by-visitor view that I’ve come to enjoy.

That doesn’t mean that it is far behind, though. I’d be concerned if I were in the real time analytics business.

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