Sedo Switches to Estimated Earnings for Domain parking

Sedo to start showing estimated parking revenue; audited numbers displayed in about 48 hours.

On November 1 Sedo will change its domain parking statistics to an estimated earnings system. This means they will display estimate earnings at first and then actual earnings from Google in 2 business days.

This means your reported earnings might change.

Here’s a message Sedo just sent out:

1) Adjusted earnings: This change means that the “Earnings” statistic shown in the Parking Reporting section for the current and previous day will be based on estimates. Within 48 hours, we will receive the actual earnings amount from our primary ad provider, Google, and after two business days we will make the necessary adjustments to the earnings shown in your account. This change only affects the “Earnings” category. The entries in the “Uniques” and “Clicks” categories will not be affected. This means that if you review the day’s earnings in your statistics on November 1st, you will be viewing estimates. Starting November 3rd, you would then be able to review the real earnings (before spam) as of November 1st.

2) Taking into account the spam count in your earnings: When you review your daily parking earnings, starting November 1st, these figures may include spam that our primary ad provider Google recognizes on the go. You will not be able to see which specific domains are affected. The total spam attributed to one account will be deducted from your parking earnings on a monthly basis. You can see the deductions in the Parking Reports section, on the “Payments” tab, in the “Corrector” column.

In recent years, Google has been continuously improving their success rate in fighting spam. Given these improvements and the already low spam rates in Sedo’s own network, we anticipate that this change will only affect a small number of domain names.

Our recommendation: Starting November 1st, whenever you review figures for specific domains, please bear in mind that:

1) The final data will be available after approximately 48 hours.
2) Unexpected increases in earnings for specific domains may be caused by spam. If this is the case, this spam will be deducted at the end of the month.

Update: Sedo has released a clarification about what this change means:

As of November 1, Sedo’s parking payments will be calculated based on the exact figures we receive from Google, our primary ad provider. This is the result of network-wide changes to how Google reports figures for all their partners, and also means that spam will be included in the initial parking revenue figures. However, this does not mean that the spam rate attributed to Sedo’s customer accounts will increase.

This is simply a change in how we report parking revenue within our customers’ accounts, and it will not affect actual parking revenue or our customers’ parking payouts.


  1. JS says

    So G recognizes the spam on the go but Sedo will only make the change at the end of the month + nobody will tell you which domains were affected, right ?

  2. Mike says

    ‘The total spam attributed to one account will be deducted from your parking earnings on a monthly basis. ”

    Wow….sounds like the deal of the century to me. Where the hell do I sign up it’s so enticing? Now that Yahoo has tanked out come the barrels with a big G painted on the side of them to let you know who’s bi*ch you are now.

    Time to sell our traffic elsewhere since there will be little to lose.

    I won’t sit around to be told at the end of the month I made less. Who the hell accepts that kind of crappy deal?

    Very sad the industry is coming to this.

  3. Barry says

    I don’t know why people talk about Sedo.. or give a crap about Sedo.. or expect to receive good earnings from Sedo??

    You shouldn’t be using them anyway “wise domainers don’t”, unless your a looser or a newbie – in which case expect to be shafted!

  4. says

    Google does clawbacks at the end of each month and they take off revenue they associate with click fraud. Google has been doing this for years with every provider, not just Sedo. Obviously Sedo has been hit hard with this latelly and Sedo has now decided to pass that on to the already drained domain owner.

  5. Barry says


    It will eventually.. somewhere down the line because G is in control!

    Bottom line, people are struggling to make ends meet, money is a sensitive issue. Sedo make a lot of money each month, some would argue TOO MUCH in this climate!

    Are any people thanking you at the moment?

    – When other parking companies pay more!

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